dimanche 17 février 2013

Some battle pics

Volia some photos of a battle played between me and my sister. We were testing out some rules, By arrow, bill and sword, written by Silent Invader over on the Lead Adventure forum for mass skirmishs (link to rules), with modifications for 6 sided dice. It didn't work as well, so i'm thinking it over.
The game was fun though.

My force below. Men of Warwick, Hanbury, the militia and some French mercenaries.

My sister's force, Stafford, and the German and Danish mercenaries.

We played a meeting engagement, with both forces wanting to move through a village. No factions here just a noble feud.
My men advancing to the village, archers in front.

The few militia archers prepare a 'volley'.

The Germans marching up the road to greet Warwick's men.

Although outnumbered and suffering losses, my men held on fierecly and wore the mercs down.

On the other side of the houses, a small archery duel breaks out, as Stafford's men advance.


Meanwhile, the militia are cheerfully cut down in a melee including militia, French and Danish mercenaries and some archers. My French men at arms also begin chopping into the German handgunners.

After a hard fough 2 hours we stopped, me gaining a slight victory (yey!)
It was good to get almost all the painted men on the table, but the rules need changing. I'm thinking of just changing the Dux Britanniarum rules, using Silver Whistles mods for Sharpes Practice as a starting point.

The militia are now finished, and waiting for bases to be painted and grassed. That's for the next post, post number 100...

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