dimanche 10 février 2013

A medieval renaissance

Finished three more militia men.
I think it's all the inspiration, with the discovery of Richard III and Battle Royale III on the Lead Adventure Forum that made me break out the brushes and continue the 28's.

A bill man, the banner bearer and a chain mail armoured soldier (miliput conversion). I might add a buckler later.

Below, the band so far. Only a one man and perhaps 2 archers to make to archer group 6 men.

I also made some more Danes, with one conversion inspired by the gun commander below (taken from je-lay-emprins blog, a very nice blog and a must for medieval lovers). The commander has a plakart over his doublet, which i copied. 

My result, a Dane crossbow leader. He is accompanied by some mercenary handgunners and, with the leader in the crossbow group and one man with the handgunners, will give me all the Danes i need. That's 10 men in total.

Speaking of Battle Royale on the Lead Adventure forum, i wondered if i could have a force that big. A quick count up revealed i have 240 foot and 36 cavalry, either painted, plastic or waiting on sprues. So when i'm finally done i will almost have BOTH forces! But that's in a long time yet.

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