samedi 2 février 2013

Sample is here

Got my sample pack of Legio Heroica in the post today!
I asked for some Feudal and crusaders, and a Swiss pike man to create some Runissians and Kaliads for Norvarje, my fantasy world.

Here they are. I also have three shields and spears for all, but they don't make for good pictures.

I need to clear them of some mold lines and flash, then i can get miliputing. I plan to add boots to some, and convert a spear man to carry a pole arm in both hands. I thought about creating a feudal force for a moment but decided to stay focused, as if i don't make Runissians now i don't think i ever will.

Below is a quite comparison. Legio Herorica in the center, Museum Miniatures on the left and Warrior Miniatures on the right.

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