mercredi 28 novembre 2012

When it's chilly, and sun is lacking, one's mind might wander

Slight change of post...
I've always had a thing for space ships, and an interest in (wait for it) Warhammer 40,000. Yes it might sound strange, but i really like the dark, gothic look. BUT the thing that i don't like too about 40K it the background; i hate the idea of millions of men charging in like some mindless horde, and space marines, the elite of humanity, charging in packed ranks. It just seems stupid to me (don't get me started on cover in the 40k game).
Never the less, i do like Battlegroup Gothic, and although i don't have any ships (too pricey) i like the look, so i thought i'd try and make one while i ahd some free time. I have tried using miliputt in the past, but they're hard, so i made one using Solidworks, ie virtually.
Here are the fruits of my work, the front and back, no where near done but started. Below is the front gun decks and the prow:

Here's the back. There will be the bridge here, along with sensors and what not.

I wanted a bit of an older look, as i had the idea the other day that before the Imperials used plasma drives, they used atomic drives. Now they're only used in far away colonies, ones where men fight properly, use cover and basicly use more 'modern' tactics.
Rant over ;)
--->Back to reality--->
I have also started a group of 6 French crossbowmen. I've done the skin, metal and the blue jackets so far, but today hasn't been great so a bit dull in the painting/gaming room (i prefer natural light, and we have energy saving light bulbs that give off a yellow light. Being slighly colour blind means it would be a devil to see the blue). I have also hade a handgunner leaning his weapon on his shoulder wearing lots of armour. Photos probably at the weekend.

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  1. Will you print these ships at a later date with one of those wonderous 3d-printers?

    And I am with you on this whole mess that is 40K but it still has it charm - even though I've never played it and never will.

    1. I wish! Knowing me, it'll probably be left on my computer, unfinished for ages. But, we never know.


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