jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Take the cannon!

Before the coming of Dux, i played lord of the rings as my main ruleset. Anyone who knows this ruleset knows that the game is sort of based around scenarios; ambushes, capture objectives, kill a leader... I have a score on my computer, many unused and waiting for their day.
Although Dux Britanniarum is more of a battle game than a skirmish game, it is certainly a smaller scale game. As such i have thought that i could use some of the LOTR scenarios for Dux.
Of course, some are either already in the game, such as wagon raids and the like, and ones with capturing high ground are simple to play out. I wanted to test something different, which could prove very handy for Wars of the Roses; instead of the usually Dux campaign, i could play a run of scenarios instead.
So today i present a scenario i thought up of when the idea first appeared in my head; Take the cannon!
Sorry for the poor map. At the bottom is the earthwork, at the top the attackers route of attack. The defenders are in and around the defences.
During a siege or large battle, the army commander tasks one of his knights to lead his men and take out the enemy guns (about 2 or 3). The enemy is entrenched behind earthworks, and to make the attacker's task harder, a band of defenders have reinforced the position. But the guns must be taken!
The attacker must destroy the guns (killing the crew) and leave by his table edge.
The defender must prevent the attackers taking out the guns.
If the attacker takes out half of the guns, the game is a draw.
Special rules:
Medieval guns fired slowly, and these guns are large pieces, possibly siege guns. As such they may fire once at the beginning of the game, and again if they load for 4 turns (may be changed). Afterwards the crew draw swords and ready themselves for the attacker (or run).
Each gun has either 4 gunners who fight as a group, as militia. They may move and fight as normal, and amy only man their pieces if they stay within 1" of it.
Note the crew may not leave the table to avoid being killed. Assume they must stay by the guns (if they flee, count the gun as disabled).
Firing the cannon:
Cannons have no range. Their shots can easily cross the table.
When they fire, roll 4 dice. Hit on a 4+.
All troops roll for damage the same; no amount of armour can stop a cannon ball! A model is killed on a 5 or 6. Shock on 2, 3 or 4, nothing on a 1. In addition, each Group takes D6 additional shock (it's big and noisy!).
I did think you could do it in the 'warhammer way', but not sure how it would work as it would only kill 2 men maximum (fewer ranks than in Warhammer).

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