samedi 24 novembre 2012

Stratejeux sans images

Stratejeux has come and gone. I had a real blast! At first, i was slightly concerned as all the events before had a strong board game presence (not really my thing, although war gaming is a board game in essence) but i was delighted when half the room was full of tables and terrain. Huzzah!
There was few different games going on; infinity, force on force, epic armageddon, dark age Normans, muskets & tomahawks, and Little Big Horn (more on that in a moment).
Unfortunatly, my camera decided not to work, but...
Before, i had been talking via email a man named Cedric, who was in the Centurions club. I messaged him months ago asking about the club, and said i would go over one saturday if i could. Alas, it never happened, as my brother has band practice in Agen, which in completly the opposite dirrection! But i managed to meet up with him at Stratejeux, and he indroduced me to Diedier from the Lanciers du Garonne, another Bordeaux club.
We chatted a bit, and i was invited to play in the club's Little Big Horn game, which i couldn't refuse! I was a 2 vs 2 game, 2 with the Indians (including me) and 2 for the Americans led by Custer.
We played with the rules Battlecry, a card based system (i'm starting to like cards now!) which i picked up quickly. The aim is to destroy 6 enemy units and take their 'banners'. Killing a chief or officer also counts as a banner. We the Indians had masses of men, but terrain and a horrid hand meant we were imobile for several turns. An attack to destroy 4 infantry units on our right failed and we lost a unit, so we concentrated on the left, where soon a horde of Indian cavalry were bearing down on 2 units of cavalry and some american foot.
There was much fighting, and we managed to kill 4 units losing 1 in the process. We pressed on, encircling and destroying some more cavalry and almost winnning us the game. But our oppenants were stout and brave, and launched several cavalry charges, killing several units. On our right, some cavalry almost destroyed a infantry unit that would have won us the game, but the dice foiled me and victroy went to the Americans.
We played for about 2 1/2 hours!
So, much fun had by all and i will now try and go down to one of their club days and get involved. I shall hopefully be able to get some photos from Diedier's blog of the game and show. Maybe i can introduce Dux Britanniarum to the club?!?
Tomorrow, my finished mercenary crossbowmen and knight, and my latest assembled figures who shall form a new war band, this time of franc archers who have been made disbanded and turned to mercenary work.
Until tomorrow!

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