vendredi 2 novembre 2012

Update at Perp

Hi all, i'm soaking in the southern sun with a good internet connection. Unfortunatly, no games have been played here, since creating new terrain dosen't appeal to me and i'm using my time pursuing other things, one being downloading modules for a game i play while the connections good. The game is a medieval fantasy one, and i've been trying to find (oddly enough) historical modules with 15th century armour. I've found some, but it gets a bit boring after a while so i go to the pen and paper and write ideas for wargaming.
I just love this hobby.
Anyway, searching for mods on the net also led me to see some snazzy 14th century armours, which got my mind ticking and so i'm now on the search for 14th century figures of any scale that might be useful in the future. The idea might never come to ripen, but i enjoy the search.
The only bad thing is that is period seems unfashionable, as the only 28mm figures i can find aren't really my thing (Perrys have spoilt me!) and i can't finds any for 15mm for the moment.
I have however plundered Bishop Lord's blog 'Grand Scale Wargaming' for 6mm and 10mm links, adding loads to my fravorites for me to ponder upon. I have some 6mm in my varied collection, mainly Napoleonic (when i was younger i tried lots of periods before settling on Medieval) and i would like to see a huge medieval army assembled in all it's splender. They're also not too pricey, always a plus for me.
So who knows, maybe after the perries are done i shall do some 6mm armies. Dux britanniarum with 6mm anyone?

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  1. Check out petter pigs, Bloody Barons range for 15's.

  2. Peter Pig's is a very nice range, try Essex Miniatures as well, they're nice 15's


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