mardi 6 novembre 2012

WARNING - Crazy idea alert

Is it the lack of figures around that's making my mind go weird, or is it just normal for me to have silly, stupid and far fetched ideas?
Probably the second.
As already said, i've been pondering upon the idea of 14th century, helped greatly by 'Vonplutz' on the subject of armour and some history. I now have a better idea of the 'look', and research led me towards either Magister Militum 10mm or the good 'ol Herorics and Ros 6mm. While the latter does not have any 14th century figures, one can fudge them, and i could get a decently large force for little cost.
Alas, another silly idea evolved. Could i convert a perry 15th century figure to the 14th century?
You're mad!
Perhaps the main suspect for this idea was a video on youtube of the Battle of Wisby, 1361. I remarked that the men looked rather how i imagined my own Runissians to look like, which i have created a small number. So then came the thought, 14th century Perrys.
What i thought was almost to use the perrys as a 'dolly' and convert/scuplt armour, clothes, etc, over the top. For helmets, i have made some Runissian ones, and since the sallets looks similarish to bascinets i could add pig faced visors and klapsvisors.
Example first made for a Song of Fire and Ice
As for armour, breastplates can be sculpted, and some men wore protective jackets over their armour, so i can add leg armour and gauntlets under a big coat.
A Perry body with sculpted chain mail shirt
My Runissian, another Perry, with a breastplate and chain mail.
Although i might not make a full army, i would like to try and make some men at arms or at least some heads even if they're not attatched to a body.
This is the reason...

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  1. That looks awesome so far! Wish I was better with putty. And by the way I am VonPlutz onthe LAF.

    1. Two small criticisms. First is that the breastplate should come out more on the lower part. Think of it almost as a beer gut higher on the torso.

      Second it should sit higher on the figure. Historically they end at the bottom of the ribs, thus the development of plate faulds in the late 14th century. Careful when looking at reenactor's armour cause many modern armourers won't do the breastplate 100% acccurate cause it is a lot of work.

    2. I knew it was you, i just didn't know how to write your blogger name.
      About the breastplate, it's the first i've tried, i'll bear in mind your advise when i next get the putty out.

    3. I think once I finish the last three of my Fallschrimjagers I will whip out some putty and try myself as well, need to do some filling on my vikings anyway.

  2. Agreed, great work with the putty. What tools do you use, purchased or self-made?

    1. I used a needle with holes and little work and a craft knife for the main working around to get the shape right. Nothing fancy.


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