jeudi 30 août 2012

To me, men of England!

Look, here rides Nicolas Walker!
"sir, why is his base unflocked?"
"No idea some, he only just managed to get painted, don't expect too much..."
Four lovely painted men, yah! I do have an excuse for the bases; i when out after sanding, but they shall be done tomorrow. Honest!
So, what do we have? Well, we have Nicolas Walker, looking all heroric waving his lance around, three men at arms of various equipment and a billman, currently hiding.

Here's Nicolas. The lance has a spiral going all the way up, and on his chest is my family's coat of arms. Well, it was above the stove in our old house in England, so i've done it here. It is a shield, the top yellow bar has a crescent and two stars in it, and the lower section is striped.

Now the PBI's. All are converted some how...

This armour is based on a suit at the Wallace Collection in London. If you haven't been, GO! I'll be going again for sure! His body is English and the arms are from the mercenary set. Added a gorget and rondels from the knight box and voila!

Rear view. If you zoom in (click) you can see the gold on his belt, i saw plates on belts on a drawing so added it to some of my richer men.

I like this one. Parts from several places; legs from an infantry body, hips from the one with breast and back plate, and a mounted body and arms, topped off with a buckler and barbuta. I like how the pose turned out.

Here you can see his face, sorry for poor quality.

And now, the 'other two'.
The billman has had a leg swap with an archer wearing a brigandine shown in an earlier post, and the sallet is from the knight box. He also carries a buckler that i made from miliput.
The man at arms is the result of a dangerous conversion. Remember the three horsemen i wasn't happy with? Well, here is the rest of the man in chain mail (by the way, looking back, they're fine!). I hacked away his arm and made him carry a war hammer, basicly a pole axe with a hammer head added. He is obiously a noble didn't own much gear when the wars broke out, and has to make do with limited gear (an insight from arlequin, again! If you like the 15th century, i can point you to his blog). Enough talking...

I have also been thinking about adapting dux britanniarum for the 15th century, such as French and English raids across the channel, France invading Burgundy (or Brittany?) and also Lancastrian northern strongholds riding forth to raid the Yorkists, hoping to win back England for Henry. I have ideas, but without the book i can't really design any fate cards, so i will plan until the book arrives.

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