jeudi 9 août 2012

Impetus lists

I started this post while my cousins were here, but i have only found the time to finish it now. Today i will share some of my lists for my fravorite large battle game; Impetus.

If you don't know it, impetus is a game for fighting battles using DBx style bases, albeit larger. I use the free, basic version, which i prefer because i like a smaller amount of units. I sometimes play with my figures but normally i play using 15mm size counters, being easy to store away and cheap.
For my fantasy setting i have wrote several lists for the main factions/nations, which i shall share here. I shall also share a draft list for fighting battles in G. Martins fantasy setting A song of Ice and Fire. Use 'em, change 'em, do as you like with them, and most of all, enjoy them if you play Impetus!

This link will take you to the basic impetus page, where there are official lists and the rules.

First up, the generic Seven Kingdoms list:

Nr       Type      M         VDU         I         VD         Notes
             CP        8             7             3          3           Knights/ Heavy cavalry
             CP       8              5             2           2          Sergeants/ bannermen
             T         6              3             0           1          Short bow A levy archers
             T         6              3             0          1           Crossbow A Lord's archers
             FP       5              6             2          3           Foot knights                                                      
             FP       5              5             1          2           Foot bannermen                                                       
             FP       5              4             1          1           Pikes Levy foot                                                       
             S         8              2              0          1          Shortbow B

This is a very generic list as i have only read the first book. Lannister forces could include more cavalry units, Stark and Riverland forces mess cavalry but their infantry could be tougher.
For the Dothraki, the Mongol lists from the impetus site could be used.

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