jeudi 16 août 2012

Right, stop it, this is getting far too silly

There's Graham Chapman telling me to put some pictures on this blog.
Seriously, i noticed i've put at least four posts on without photos lately, so i decided it would end NOW!

Starting modestly, i have been playing with the miliput. I recently bought the Dux Britanniurm rules for warfare in Britian circa 5th and 6th century. I don't have any romano british figures, but my saxons and vikings will proxy, at least until i make some (hint at new project, but definatly long term, still got a ton of 15th century to do!)

So, while i had some spare time waiting for the book i tested some 5th century helmets on some spare heads i had. Looking at the gripping beast models and reenactors, many helmets had cheekguards, so i did some on the left hand helmet. I also really like the large face plates, so i tried one on the right hand one.

A close up of the face plate. Closer inspection on pictures revealed that there were raised areas around the eyebrows, nose and mouth which i missed. Never mind, i have plenty more heads to experiment on!

Close up of the chhekpieces; simple and not too shabby.

This does mean i will be wheeling out the saxons and vikings again, who are all nicely based and flocked. I do have some still to paint (an a dozen to assemble) as well as the late medievals so more updates to follow, but i think my time will be filled with gaming soon!

Lutdendorff Gravina and Dan, welcome!

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