vendredi 24 août 2012

Say Peter, look at this 'ere helm

That's what the man on the right said when he found the helm.
Four unpainted Perrys stuck together earlier today. Tried to do some interesting conversions...
Please note they're only on a multi base because i haven't got round to cutting up some 20mm square ones.

So, we have two men carrying pavises, one billman inspecting a helm found lying around, and a sword and buckler raider.

I tried not to go overboard with cutting and putting, as it tends to look bad and has an effect on morale...
So today has only been positive vibes, especially after doing some electronic homework (homework in the summer holidays are just evillllll).
The man leaning/holding his pavise is very simple, just a pike left arm, a right arm found in the bit box with added bill. Of course, the pavise is not glued until painted!
The second pavise man use the bill arms from the English foot set, the one with a jack and chain down the sides. The right hand is from a shooting bow, and the left holds a spear. I tried to make it look like he was running through an arrow storm, slowed by his heavy pavise. An arrow or two on the base or pavise will enhance the look.

The bill man is even simpler, being a shouldered pike with bill head, and the left arm is from a reloading crossbow, now holding a great basinet.
The raider is two archer arms, with a sword and buckler attached.

I also wrote down the numbers of men in each retinue. With my 'kaliads', i changed some to archers to make a small Scottish 'raiding band', armed with some pikes, bows, bucklers, axes, etc, as some border irregulars.  These will be in white.
The Walker retinue will be reinforced with a mounted man at arms and 3 or 4 archers. My French band needs some crossbowmen painted up, and the pikes seen in an earlier post will be Burgundian mercenaries (what a surprise!), and finally i will make a German/Danish mercenary band of half a dozen crossbowmen, some pavise carriers (as above) and two men armed with halberds to protect the archers. These will be led by a man at arms, maybe one i converted using a mounted body and armoured legs (still in painting). Why Danish? I have an interest for Northern Europe (vikings!) and i recently found out about a small war in the 1470's between England and the Hanseatic league. Maybe these men are soldiers on one of their ships, looking for English to board...

Just want to say thanks to all those who read my blog, my views are almost at 800 now, and while small compared to some i've seen, is a huge number for me! I smiled too when someone found my blog by putting in 'Walker retinue' on Google!

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