lundi 20 août 2012

Fresh off the workbench

Finally finished three archers i had started! These three men had been sitting around for weeks waiting for painted bows and belt buckles!
The man in blue is to join the 15th century french.

I'm happy to say i've found a good wood colour, raw sienna wash over white.

Ironically the back view is better focused than the front!

I've also created three light horsemen. In all three cases i saved them from complete disaster: on the left, i did a body swap, but the body was wearing a jack and in the end it looked a bit bizare, so i shaved it down and sculpted a chain mail hauberk over it. He looks normal now.
The middle and right horsemen have had a leg change. The right one looks good, but at first i couldn't make the middle one sit properly in the saddle. After shaving and miliputting, he now sits properly.
The right man was the easiest, just need to sculpt some stirups on his feet.
Click for a bigger image.

And as i bought Dux Brit recently, i decided to make some men, starting with these saxon gesiht. One has the head from the other post while the left hand man uses a viking head with mail face guard made from miliput. Nothing too hard :D

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