samedi 2 juin 2012

The cavalry's arrived

Cameras back and i present you with some painted perry mounted men at arms...
Click on the image for a full size view.

First up a man in German gothic plate with an axe. It was the first i assembled and painted, the head comes from the WOTR foot command sprue.

Next, a rich dandy in Italian armour. I added gold gilding to the edges of some armour plates, hope you can see them on this not so excellent picture. The pennon is paper, painted and stuck with glue.

Light cavalry are always interesting. Here, i took a livery covered body, cut off the left arm (and my finger -.- ) and replaced both arms with archers arms with added sword. The head is from the mounted sprue with added beard.

I quite like this figure, even if the shading on the white parts of the horse are too dark.

Here's a couple of foot, converted with various parts. The right hand knight is straight from the box, using the standard holding left arm with a cavalry armet in the other, while the left one is a more involved conversion where i took two right arms and made one a left (more details on another post). Two weapons and a deep sallet finish off this brutal looking mercenary.

 More pictures to follow...

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