samedi 30 juin 2012

Conversions #2

Two Kaliad shield and swordsmen. Kaliad is south of Runssia, a land of warring clans and Runissian colonies, i will post the map when done.
The right hand man wears a Runissian style helmet and camail, while the left wears a Venden sallet. The Vendens are the 'romans' of Runissia, they came many years ago and now are all gone after decades of colonisation. The remains of this empire are to the south of Kaliad, fighting to survive.
The Kaliad fight in clan bands with a variety of weapons, such as spears, pikes, axes and glaives. Southern clans, living nearer the Venden lands, use more pikes and more better drilled. In game terms, these schiltrons are big, slow and stubborn.

Here is a WIP of a Runissian noble wearing the latest fashion; breastplate and chain mail hauberk, and long sleeveless mantle. He will carry a kite shield like the other man (see first post on conversions).

And here we have a close up of his helm. It is a perry one with added visor, not extremly neat but should look good from the gaming table.

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