lundi 28 mai 2012

An Englishman's tower is his home

No pictures of the knights, no camera :(
I do have some pictures of my latest finished terrain piece, a medieval tower. Based on a Norman keep, i read that wooden castles were used lots in the 14th century so i'm sure some would still be around in the 15th.

It's made up of two pieces, a lower section and the roof section. The figure is shown for scale (it's about 8 inches/20 cm high).

It is made from a shell of thick cardboard, which i covered in scrunched up newspaper and slapped on with the aid of wall paper paste. The beams are thin card.
I then painted it white, then the beams and floor boards brown, using darker paint on the beams and thinned down lighter paint for the floor boards. For a weekend's work, it's not too bad (and it's cheap).

Inside the hall. It will be filled with tables, tapestries, weapon racks and other stuff, all loose so it can be used elsewhere. In the top right corner of the photo is the trap hole to the ground floor where the stores are kept. The room is about 7''x6'' (18x15 cm), i tried to keep it about the right size of a castle in Italy, the name i can't remember but it's in one of our many books.

And now for the upper section. When put together the door is accesable by a ladder, but when used alone the top part makes a convincing strong house. I painted studs on the door, easier to do. There is another hatch on the top floor that leads to the chambers (this is what there would be in real life, on the model it's just an empty space).
In the backdround you can see the laptop for pictures and music, and the oblicatry tea mug! No man should be without tea at work! It's probably why I tire early at lycée...

By next week I will have some pictures of the famous knights, and i will do another AAR report, perhaps centred around the stronghouse. I do have a scenario in mind, but that's for another post.

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