dimanche 3 juin 2012

More paint, more cavalry

First off, based the knight from the other day. I plan to do more 'added bits' to the cavalry bases, seeing as they're bigger.

This rider is the first member of my new retinue, led by Nicolas Walker :). It's an invented livery and the badge is supposed to be a halo. There is nothing historical with the colours, i just liked them.

Another view:

Here is a body swap i did, creating a mounted officer. I think i will paint him in black armour.

When i seperated the body from the legs i damaged the belt, which i resculpted in miliput. I added feathers to make him look more interesting.

With the spare body i stuck it on the legs, creating a noble looking foot soldier looking for someone to bash at.

I plan to create several invented retinues, since evidence is scare and i feel like inventing some new liveries. I have ideas for a Yorkist leader, dressed in blue and possibly with a white cross since i've done a couple like that already. Nicolas will also have some French mercenaries, and i had an idea to create an Italian, Marco el Martello.

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