vendredi 29 juin 2012

Conversions WIP

Decided to take the plunge and convert some figures for my fantasy setting, Runissia.
I planned to create some figures for A song of Ice and Fire, but it lost steam (although i now have some pikemen, usable for scots, burgandians or Kaliads for my setting). I had some good ideas however, and decided to put them to use.

First i made a nobleman. I didn't want a typical fantasy look, 'knights in shining armour', i want a more early medieval/ feudal look, so less plate. I will post some drawings i've done if i have the scanner out some time.
I used a wargames factory chain mail body, perry knights arms and a perry head, alde into a full helm with miliput. The shield is thin plasticard.

Can't only have nobles, so i also made a spearman, all wargames factory parts except the head which is perry with added camail (a chain mail hood that hung from the helmet, used a lot in the 14th centurt and looks nice). Pretty simple pose, but i needed something simple to start with.

Basecoated. The left hand man is a champion first created for Ice and Fire, but looks right for Runissia. He will carry a wargames factory viking shield.

Painting in progress, just left hand breeches and right hand sleeves, plus one or two other things.

Shields attatched. 

Posing time! All lined up...

Bright colours, simple, i like this one a lot!

Right arm is a firing bowman, left is a billman arm with the hand turned around. Helmet like the first man's, will get some close ups sometime.

The noble. Around his neck he has a necklace in the shape of a stag's head, showing his devotion to Stagaar, lord of beasts and creator of the First Forest.

I have just ordered more perry plastics, getting 15% off because of moving stock. I got two mercenary boxes, and some will become Runissians. In my setting, there is another land to the east, Kindarr, and i will used some perries with crossbows and horsemen to represent them, more in the future. Look at my Runissia page at the top for a map of my land.
Right, time for more gluing!

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