vendredi 18 mai 2012

The rescue, AAR

England. The land is in turmoil and civil war. Lords settle feud through arms and Englishman fights Englishman for power, gold, and just for a scrap.
We are in northern Staffordshire (or there abouts) and a band of men wearing Warwick's badge are marching through the land. They have taken two men captive and locked them in one of the houses, why is uncertain but whatever they reveal could ruin Lancastrian plans in the Midlands. A band of men, under the captain John Brooke set out to save them.

The prisoners are being held in a hamlet, far from any towns as not to attract suspicion...

John Brooke and his men dash up, covered by some archers who keep the Yorkists down.

'You men, charge that way!' Yorkist arrows greet the Stafford men, but they fail to find their mark. 

The bill men storm the fence and John leads another man into the courtyard, but what's that in the distance? 

Yorkist reinforcments start to arrive! 

As John charges in, the archers turn their fire to the Yorkist reinforments (to the right). 

A man reaches the first cottage; empty.
Fighting continues in the courtguard, with the Lancastrians coming off worse because of numbers. 

The Yorkist archers let loose arrows, few hitting but convicing John Brooke that the game's up. He calls a retreat and leads his remaining men into the woods.

I would have included more pictures but they refused to load -.-
The terrain is scratch made and now i finally have a 4' by 4' table! (before it was 4 by 3). And my shop has finally got some Perry knights in, so i'll be getting them pronto. Be here monday perhaps, but i can wait a few more days. Lots of conversion ideas in mind :D

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