samedi 5 mai 2012

Ships and halls, and little men

End of holidays and back to lycée this week, so i will be posting less recently than during the holidays. Never the less i will try and do at least one post a week. And so, i present you with the fruits of this weeks labour.
I have been waiting patiently for my store to get some Perry knights in, but alas they do not have them yet. I've got loads of conversion ideas and i'm itching to do them, but i will have to wait a little longer.
First up are some 6mm figures i made last week and painted up on wednesday. Yes, i made them for no real reason, just an experiment really with the miliput. I might make a small force to use with Impetus or DBA, as they are easy to make and easier to paint. So far, i've made 12 generic combat armed men, some wearing some plate armour (the ones not carrying shields)

This weekend however, i did not feel like making little men, so i decided to start on a long boat. I had drawn up some plans a while ago and decided to make something today. Besides, whats a viking without a boat. Here i have a WIP pic of a smaller trading vessel; a proper longship is in the pipe line but i thought to make a more modest model first.

Planking done a drying, now the inside to do and the mast.

I have also put together some tables and benches for my dark age hall, as well as a wall to seperate the chief's room. This is another project that i've been meaning to do for some time. A lick of paint later and they'll be ready (by my standards at least!).

Right, back to my ship!

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