samedi 19 mai 2012

Weekend update

Haven't painted much recently so i did a man at arms. I decided to do a bit more detailing and highlighting than usual and painted the eyes.

Click on the images for a bigger view. 

 Some of you might notice he is a bit different. That's because i swapped his legs with the body armoured in a breast plate. Now that body is standing and this chap is walking, sword ready and helmet pushed up.

Still need to do the base, but that can wait.

I have also been planning what i will build with the mounted men, and settled on creating some French lances, about 6 in total which adds up to 24 men. Each lance had a Gen d'arms, a lesser man at arms or squire, and two mounted archers or crossbowmen. I will build up the boxes in lances, coverting mounted archers or using foot ones from the foot box i have. Let's hope they arrive soon!

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