dimanche 14 avril 2013

Pikemen done (ish)

Except for the bases, the ten pikemen are finished and ready to join their comrades in defending the Lowlands against the French invaders!
These will (definatly!) be the last for the time being of my white coated militia, because they have enough men and i don't like painting white! Such a pain at times, especially when doing the belts as any tiny mistake is easy to see on white. So any other Lowlanders will be in different livery.

A group shot will follow soon, once i've made a leader (one day...)

I also decided to get the miliput out again and try some sculpting. I made this after thinking about my alternative medieval world (Runissia) and was thinking of making a few more men (in 28mm, because in 15mm i can't find the figures). This will also work for a later gothic-ish plate, as i've seen one or two German suits with skirts of mail (only at the back, but what the hell?!).

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