lundi 1 avril 2013

Craft knives and brushes

After a few weeks of not painting, i decided my plastic pile needed a lick of colour so i got cracking on 9 men. But first, a little modelling.

Ok, this idea has already been done before, taking the mounted legs and sticking them on a lesser armoured body, but how about the other way around? I hate wasteing figures, so i decided to make a scourer/prickler and a foot man at arms (without leg armour) that has mounted his nag to pursue the enemy.

I began by cutting away the legs. I managed to save the tassets on the harnessed man, damaging them only slightly. At this point i prayed it would work...

Knight and henchman about to be eaten by the big purple bear

Plenty of glue was applied and i sat them on the horses to see if they would stay...
Oh yeah! It worked!

Here they are, basking in the sun.

The prickler/whatever. I used pike arms, with the pike shortened slightly. Not sure on the left arm, might change the arms to make it look like he's actually holding the reins properly. The legs went on a treat, and didn't require and miliput!

The man at arms. I'm glad the tassets stayed on, helps cover the gap. I also shaved away the horse trappings over the rump, as he's only got a horse for riding to battle. I have added stirups since the picture was taken.

As for painting, i've started properly on the Walker retinue. I chose a stag's head for the badge, and think it came out well on them. The billman has a badge on his plakart and the man at arms has one on both shoulders, but the camera thought it would be funny to run out of battery and tell the spare batteries not the work. It wasn't even April 1st!

I did get some photos of the archers though. The man on the right has had his chain mail trimmed back, turning it into a livery jacket.

You can see the mentioned jacket better here.

Red and blue has been done a lot (on several real retinues in fact) but i like the colours and it helps tie my forces together; all English have either red or green on them, the French are blue and the Flemmings are white.
I have also done the bases, but today the weather is cold and rainy, no good for taking good photos.
There are some Danish handgunners and a couple of mounted men that need pictures taken, so that's for another post.

Finally, this is my final post before my bithday, tomorrow. I'll be a big 19, and any money i might get will go towards an order to the Perrys for some metal figures (light cavalry, more horses to make some wagons and perhaps a box of mercenaries, which will be the last in a while or i'll get obsessive).

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  1. These are well done. Did you hand paint the stag head yourself then? How long did that take? Small thin brush?

    Do you use a range of brushes? I was just thinking the other day about my painting methods. I stick to one brush to do everything, whether it's small detail or big detail. Do you think that makes it more difficult? Well, I switched to a smaller brush on my dwarves and found it to be quite pleasant, though I'm not too sure if that's more due to the fact the brush doesn't have annoying frays here and there. Maybe time for the previous brush to have a slight trim.

    I've just put up a post of a recently done model. It's when I used just the one brush still. Take a look when you have the time. Just click link below.

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere

  2. Excellent conversion work, thanks for sharing.


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