samedi 20 avril 2013

A new Dux

I recently bought Dux Bellorum, the other Dux that was released around the same time as Dux Britanniarum. I have not bought it until now as i had Impetus for my battles (elements instead of single figures) but after seeing an interesting post about using these rules for the Wars fo the Roses and having a neat idea while writing a message on the Lead Adventure Forum, i decided to buy them and give them a go.
It wasn't expensive either, 11 euros with p&p.

As the cover says, these rules are made for the 'Arthurian' period in England, the same time as Dux Britanniarum. Although geared towards this period, i think they can be modified (as this blogger has for his HYW) as, if you think about it, there wasn't much different between Briton and Saxon armies that slogged it out in a shieldwall with some cavalry and two later English armies hacking at each other in combat. Minus armour and weapon differences, you have more archery in the 15th century. Most of the army of both eras fought dismounted, and leadership was essential (as it was in all eras). Tactics weren't fancy in the 15th century either, as a lot of English troops had little experience and battles were decided by combat.

So i think it will work. If i can get the archers to 'cancel each other out' and battles decided on a long slog in hand to hand, i've got it bang on i think.

The idea
This made me quite happy this morning, as it just came to me instantly. Basically, i thought to use the Dux Britanniarum campaign system (simple and just great), beginning with some raids and skirmishes using the Dux Brit rules (or Sharp Practice, depending on preference) and went the skirmishes become battles switching to Dux Bellorum. Success in the skirmishes could give you bonuses/more troops in a battle, and the leadership could be judged by earlier success (or failures!) and some of the pre battle events could be used too.
Of course, i would need to read through the rules when they arrive, next week hopefully. Until then i shall paint and think of my Double Dux plan.

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  1. Sounds cool. Really hope it works out as you could end up with some really big scenic battles that would be hard using Dux Brit.


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