mercredi 24 avril 2013

CLEARANCE SALE - Adler Austrains

Going through my lead pile the other day, i discovered i had a lot of miniatures that i bought ages ago and will never use again, so, to save space for new stuff, i decided to clear them out.
First up is a bunch of Adler Austrians, Napoleonic era. They are sold as 6mm but are more like 10mm (maybe a Baccus sort of size?). Casting is nice but my paintwork is rather simple.
Bases are double thick cardboard (ie, 2 layers stuck together).

As this is a clearance sale, i will ask 25 euros for the lot (all the infantry, cavalry, guns and unpainted stuff) as well as postage. If you're interested, leave a comment will contact information (the comment will then be removed so no one else can see your information) and i'm happy to negotiate.

The bases are 60mmx30mm and there are 20 men to an infantry base, as well as an officer, banner bearer and drummer. The officers are on 30x30 bases.

Lancers, on 60x30 bases.

5 guns and 2 limbers. The guns are on 30x30 bases, the limbers on 60x30 bases.

I also have 30 unpainted infantry and 6 half finished lancers. The infantry include an officer, drummer and banner bearer.

Next on the clearance list are some Warhammer ogres, Warhammer 40 000 Eldar and some other stuff.

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