dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Thinking of 15's

It's all a bit wet and grey here, and there's a flood warning so most likely no lycée tomorrow. Gives me more time to revise though (or wargame!)
I've not painted much, just advanced on some of the militia. I'va also made a build or two, nothing amazing to show.
I have been wondering about legio heroica and 15mm. As i said in a previous post, i'm planning to build a 15mm force or two, and at first i was not sure what period but i decided to do a Runissian force. I chose them as i really want to make some, and my attempts in 28mm were alright, but i want to give a different scale a go.
I want to make a force for Dux Britanniarum, or Dux Norvarje as it will be for my fantasy world. I will have one Runissian force, and i'm deciding whether to do a Kaliad force, based around spear men, shield bearers and mounted nobles and crossbowmen, or raiding Fraals, with light javelin throwers and a core of heavily armoured veterans.
Against Kaliads, the Runissians would be attackers, while if they were against Fraals they would be defending. I'll use the British and Saxon list from the book to keep it simple. I would also do some conversions, adding miliput to create full helmets, leather vests and boots.

Now for a little surprise; i already have some! They were the first historical figures i ever bought, some men of Carthage as it was my favorite force then. I also got a Roman force for my birthday, but in recent years they've been neglected. I also have a flames of war German force and some Soviets, and a smattering of Napoleonic Austrians and French (might be used for skirmishes or sold off).
I wanted to give my usual rules a roll with 15mm figures, so i decided to re base my ancients on single circle bases (before they were on DBA style bases). I also had a bash with some of them, using the Lord of the Rings rules. Here are some pictures:

I halved all distances and found they moved painfully slow. So i might use the normal distances, makes it look more 'realistic'.

Many of the Romans are only basecoated, while some are painted. I think i'll leave them, even though they are badly done. Painting 15mm seems a breeze compared to 28mm.

The Romans might not be painted to be Romans, maybe a city militia for some generic fantasy or even Romano-British???

The Romans won, as they had bigger shields and more training. It began badly, as the 'barbarian' cavalry threw javelins to effect but in the end the legionaries were too tough a nut to crack.

Don't worry! My Perrys haven't been neglected, i'm still chipping away at them and thinking of a livery for the Walker retinue.

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