dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Militia archers and a little 'how to'

I thought i'd show you how i made my 'light box';
It's very simple and rudimentary, made up of some paper or plasticard, a box, bluetack and, of course, the figures and a camera.

Put some bluetack on the box.

And stick. Easy.

And these are the photos they take. Here are the first of the militia retinue, three archers and one with a crossbow.

The right hand man obviously forgot his jacket, and the only thing that ties him with the group is the red diamond on his jacket.

Pavise stuck on. I only did a very simple design on the facing. They're only militia after all!

All finished, except bases, but they can wait.

I've also been experimenting with bigger hills in my games after a post on someone's blog and a message on the Toofatlardies yahoo group. So i placed two Perry boxes under the carpet, and the hills rose high.

Solid border tower looks out for raiders (Vikings, Saxons or even rival English).

3 commentaires:

  1. Smart idea Max! I used to do a similar thing with a big bit of pale blue mount paper but gave it up to try to picture things in a "realistic" setting. I'm still not convinced your way isn't the best way!

  2. Great idea and very nice figures!


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