samedi 26 janvier 2013


Sir Peter Walter, lord and veteran of the Battle of Tewskbury, is riding to his estates to inspect them. He is riding with his son, Edward, and a small retinue of men at arms. All seems calm, until they reach a place where the path passes by a steep hill...

Peter's scouts riding ahead.

The scouts spot something coming from the bushes, and soon a band of brigands appears, blocking the route!
Peter, a tough warrior, knows the only way to break through is to charge...

In a wave of horses, the bandits are cut down, but something is strange about them. Although they wear no badges, they wear good armour and look like soldiers, not ragged bandits.

The surviving bandits take cover behind a fence and Peter pulls his horsemen back to the road, leaving one shocked foot man after their charge, and prepares to break through the road block.

The charge hammers into the bandits and Edward goes for their leader, who wear a good harness, much more than any bandit could afford.

'Come to die, puppy!' The leader, dodging Edward's lance, plunges his sword through the young man's visor, killing him instantly. He lifts his helmet to reveal himself; the leader is no other than Sir Adam, who burned the south with his Germans and the rearguard for the Gueen's defeated army. Peter's standard bearer kills his crony and tries to clear the path for his lord.

Numbers are starting to tell, and the arrows and the bills of Adam's ragged band slowly bring down the men at arms. Peter makes a break through to escape, only to run into some archers hidden in the woods further on.

From the hill and the trees, arrows fly, killing Peter's horse. He is wounded too, and his chances of survival seem limited. His standard bearer rides to his rescue.

Alas, an arrow kills his brave standard bearer and, surrounded by enemies, Peter is brought down and killed. Adam's men loot the dead and sneak into the wilds...

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  1. Nice little story here.
    With which rules do you play this kind of solo scenario?


    1. I use the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game rules, the old version now as i use the 1st rule book, not the latest. It's good for these size battles.


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