mardi 22 janvier 2013

(Not) Romans

The first four not Romans are painted, the first 15mm i've done in years!
Since i bought 28mm Vikings and Saxons, i've only done 28mm until now. I still have lots of Perry Wars of the Roses to do and plenty of games to play, but i feel like a change of pace for a moment.
Why not Romans? Well, because i've not painted them to be Romans, one even has a tartan cloak! I painted the shields the same to keep them unified. I might make a Dux starter force with them (elites with regular shields, warriors with similar-ish shields).

After painting bigger figures for a while, these men take little time, but easy to make scruffy. I only went for a single highlight on the tunic and cloaks, being the biggest part of the figure (minus the shield). I thought they didn't look that good, but i based them and they look better.

Static grass on these men makes it look they they're in untamed fields, perfect! The tartan cloak is the front row on the right.

The spears are bent, yes. I could have bent they away but didn't want to break them.

I have plenty more of these to practice on before i get some Legion Heroica (maybe March/April), giving me time to do some Perrys too. I might do they at a slower pace, one or two at a time as not to get frustrated painting them. They seem a lot more trouble now!
Comparing painting times, it can take me several hours to do 6 Perry 28mm (shorter if i only do a couple at once) while these took an hour/hour and a half to paint, minus basing. Quite a difference!

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  1. Nicely done. I did my first 15mm last year and found doing batches of three was perfect. enough to get a chunk done in one go but not so many that I got bored or frustrated.


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