samedi 27 octobre 2012

Finished German mercs (for now) and some conversions

Painted and based, the last of the German mercenaries so far:
Here is all the band together, 4 handgunners and 14 pikemen including a banner. I may add to these in the future, but for the moment i need to get cracking on the French.

Although out of focus, you can see the banner quite clearly for this angle. It is based on a badge taken from the sheets you get with each perry box. Simple, but i like it. It's made from paper with the badge drawn.

The hangunners, who serve as skirmishers in my Dux Britanniarum games (must think of a name for this).

So the band is ready to fight either the French for Burgundy or the English for French. Unloyal mercs, fight for anyone should the price be right...
Also based the two 'light' horsemen from before, note different colour flock. The old flock i used has finally bit the dust, having served my basing needs for about several years when i first bought wargames figures! The colour is only slightly darker, and it's doesn't annoy me.

I have also made a start on another man at arms, he will most likely become a big man in my games. Just the armour painted, but then again he is completly covered in it so the biggest parts done!

Little converion interluge...
Three foot troops, made using crossbow and handgun arms. Yet, missile troop arms! These will probably join the French, or another band should i wish.

Finally, a couple of crossbowmen. Ok, i've ahd these for quite a while, but i haven't shown them yet. The right hand man is simple, the basic arms but with jack sleeves. The other is a bit more complicated, using arms i found in my box. He is reloading his crossbow with the turning tool, the name has slipped my mind.

So ends another post. I am now on holiday and i'm going away for 2 weeks to the south east, so unfortunatly no figures! However, there will be internet and i shall be taking my card counters to play DBA/Impetus, and i may try to play Dux Britanniarum with them. It might sound strange but i'll be damned if i don't played Dux for 2 weeks! I hope to run a Runissia campaign as a 'testing ground' for ideas and new cards, so the coming posts might be more writing than posts (sorry!), unless i can use my brother's phone with a bad camera.
Either way i'll try to stay active, a bientot!

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  1. I like these guys -- they really look cool!

  2. Nice! I really like the converted halberd man on the right.

  3. The word is 'cranequin' ... is there a prize? :-)

    You're really making some progress with your forces. I'll try and get some more done on DB, have been a touch busy deciphering a lot of Vlaamse recently.

    Enjoy your break! À bientôt!


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