mardi 23 octobre 2012

Little update

Just a little post, here are the Routier career paths in image formate so you can save them easily. Why one is bigger than the other, i don't know :/
Almost finished painting 4 pike men and 2 handgunners that will finish my 'German' mercenary band, but i shall be adding to it in the future. Afterwards i shall begin on the French and Danish crossbowmen, and perhaps another game tomorrow?

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  1. I saw what you did there. Nice!

    They'll do the job quite admirably I think. Terminology is a matter of taste though, I would have started off with 'Doyen' which is suitably generic for your lowest class of leader, followed by 'Captain', which is also vague.

    I think 'Lord of ' should be the upper limit though, 'Earl' is a noble rank and quite a jump for a commoner... if you want to be more historical.

    Good stuff though!

    1. Damn, this is the uncorrected version. I did listen to your advice last time, but i only corrected my written version


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