dimanche 1 avril 2012

Kit bashing

The other day I saw that Wargames Factory were organising a competition, and i felt inspired to try something out. My initial idea was to make an Impetus type unit, and i went on the search for men.
I had plenty of Viking bodies still and i planned to use them. Then, i remembered the Perry parts left over from my first box of men...

After a little experimenting, i discovered the Perries work perfectly with the vikings! The arms fit well, and the helmeted heads look great on chain mail bodies. I've decided to use the last of my vikings zith chain mail to put together some men at arms for my WOTR armies, as well as a band of poorly armed militia chaps with spears, bills and bows. Some casualties will also be made, more later.

A perfect fit!

Another body, same head. I wonder what they look like with an armet...

A dry fit with a spear i had lying around. Perfect! Once i had this man together i suddenly had a thought; one halberd has chain mail sleeves...

I love it! This was the figure that made me want to make more men at arms. Time to open up the second box!
 The bad thing is that i've got work to do this afternoon :( So many figures, so little time.

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