dimanche 15 avril 2012

Perry Update

The paint brushes have been busy! Here is my latest batch...
Two archers from the retinue of Warwick the kingmaker and a banner bearer who can stand in for anyone. I like warwick's badge, nice and simple to do :) 

My first fully harnessed man at arms. The banner is not glued on so i can swap it for any other. 

Warwick's force so far; 4 archers and the man at arms

 I've also done a couple of men for the retinue of Sommerset, the 'arch enemy' of the yorkists. Luckly, i can also use these for lord falconbourg (brother to the kingmaker) or even richard of york at a pinch.
This pictures to show the banner bearer with a different flag, here the livery badge of Sommerset.

My Dark ages have not been neglected, and i am in the process of basing them, doing about 6 while i wait for the perries to dry. Some pictures soon i hope, and maybe a battle report...

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