dimanche 18 mars 2012

The mighty Runissian knight!

Just a quick post of a Perry knight after a game this afternoon (a little escalade). The game was set in my fantasy world where a band of Border Landers attacked a lightly defended Runissian castle. It was a close fight but in the end the gate was breached and the Border Lander Noble managed to get on the walls and cut down the archers and billmen sent against him. This man here, a brave man-at-arms, was the last defender of the eastern wall and managed to fight off three Border Lander Hearthguard, killing one of them and still going strong at the game's end. As a reward for his bravery, i awarded him a post of his own; sterling stuff!
I'll get some pics uploaded sometime if i get the chance, but until then, watch this space!

Many great ballads will be wrote about this honorable and self sacrificing man!

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