lundi 23 avril 2012

Stepping into RPGs

I've been a bit random on the gaming front at late. I've painted more of the Perry figs, and now waiting for my local store to get some in so i can have some cavalry figures (i have lots of figures, but only about 6 cavalry!)
However, i've been having some fun doing some RPGs, partially inspired by Bard's West kingdom RPG. I surfed the net for some rules and found Platemail, an old rule set i think, but free and i like them :).
Here's my first character i created:
Name: Glayn
Race: human
Class: warrior
Abilities; heqrty, survival, perception
Gifts/curses: liar
Hits: 2
Combat pool: 1
Armour class: 6
Move: 20(16)
Morale: +1
Reaction: 0 (-2 to gentlemen and nobles)
Gear: Leather armour, sword, dagger, 25 silver shillings.
This chap's a Border Lander (I set the story in my fantasy world, Runissia, more in another post...), and at the beginning of the tale he was in the trading city of Orfald, hanging around for some work. He found some, joining a mercenary band who left the city to go fight some Kaliad triebsmen or something.
Alas, his adventure didn't last long, as a band of Kaliad ambushed them and massacred the band, leaving none alive. It's a cruel world.

So, learning some lessons, i created another character, Wyth, and let ly imagination take me. I ended up making three characters; Wyth, his liege lord Ret Jacob (Ret for ritter, a knight in Runissia) and his side-kick Grus, the huge, ugly leper with a mace. Wyth isn't the nicest guy to know, being a blackguard (the term used in the book for someone not very nice and immoral) and after an attqack in an inn, Jacob sent him to be the master at arms of the old Ingaar.
Being like he is, Wyth has so far made enemies with the local dorva (or priest) and Ingaar tries not to see him when possible. Ingaar's standard bearer, Bergon, also attacked him when they were dealing with justice; in a nutshell, neighbouring men burn farm, Wyth goes to arrest them but a small battle evolves, in which Wyth looses two men. Wyth tells his men to burn the hall and village but Bergon stands against him, threatening him with his sword. But, like all bad guys, Wyth is quicker, and all but slices Bergon's left hand off and sends him away. To make it even funnier (or worse, it depends the point of view), the men are starting to like their new masrter at arms!

I love a good story!

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