vendredi 7 mars 2014

Some WIP chaps in gas masks

I made these with the idea to use them as Adepts for my Normedra setting. The Adepts are highly advanced but mysterious group who practically worship technology. They have the best gear and are powerful friends, and deadly enemies.
To give them a menacing and mysterious look i gave some figures gas masks. The original idea was to make this group a small band that spend their time looking for old technology decimated ruins, but a rethink of how i wanted them to work might change that. Instead i might use modern or near future figures to represent them (so they have body armour) and instead spread these figures into other groups, perhaps some outlaws or bandits to give them a ragtag look when mixed with figures not wearing gas masks.
For the moment they're just chaps in masks!

The one in the middle below is some sort of leader. Wearing a hood and greatcoat, he holds a map, ideal for a scavenger. 

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