mercredi 5 mars 2014

Normedra - Tundra paramilitary

Following from the City State troops in the last post are some of their enemies (or allies in some cases); paramilitary/mercenary troops. These men either raid or defend the smaller settlements not under control of the larger City States, and lead attacks onto City State held lands. They are more numerous than the City States troops, but have less support.

This is the first squad i have painted up, with another half done and the third still in construction. For the first squad i decided not to convert any of the figures so all are as they came in the box. They are German Volksgrenadier from Battlefront.

The greatcoats are a bit of a mix as i was experimenting with them.

The unit symbol is a large black eagle painted on the front of the helmet (or arm for men with caps, but none like that in this squad).

LMG team. I tried doing some winter 'pea dot' camouflage on some of the figures. I will eventually do a small platoon of merchant guards entirely in this camo, so evidently these men have had some success against them!

Another view of the camouflage greatcoat.

Need to add some grass to these too.

And a WIP on an up-gunned Sherman i've been working on. I'm happy with the turret, but not sure about the side skirts. They're too big, but i might take them off completly and add stowage instead.

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