dimanche 22 septembre 2013

What i've been up to

Not much, at least in a wargaming sence!

I've been at uni for a couple of weeks now, getting use to the long days and having to cook your food and wash your cloths. It's all good but in the evenings i've mostly listened to music, watched videos or played on the computer to wind down. I've painted a Kaliad horseman and started two foot figures, but i haven't been feeling that motivated to get the paints out.

I did, however, go to the Bordeaux wargames club!
I played in a couple of games, one two weeks ago and the other yesterday. The first was a big (very big!) ancients game using rules for a board game that the club members converted to use with figures. I was on the mycenian's side against the indians in a 2 vs 2 game. I was tasked with holding the right flank against a bunch of indian cavalry, easy!
(images stolen from Didier's blog http://spqr-figs.blogspot.fr)

What's that? You can move twice in a turn?
My lack of knowledge of the rules (or tactics?) led to this...

Which then led to this...

A great big hole in the line!

Yesterday i played a game of Necromunda, a warhammer 40k skirmish game where each player controls a gang and fights for supremacy. I took an Orlock gang against a small band of Van saar (10 vs 5) and i was confident in winning, even if the van saar had 2 missile launchers!

The table, looking towards my enemy's deployment. I had to go for him, under fire from the missile launchers, and somehow dislodge him even if he was hiding and on overwatch. Later on the van saar ran out of missile ammo but i was battered and bloodied, failed to kill his leader twice and bottled out.

Stephane, on the left, was my opponent, me on the right
Luckily though, none of my men were killed so i'll be back for some more soon! And this time for a win!

Even if i haven't painted much, i've been doing some idea creating though (always creating!).
The world is called Normedra, an ice world colonised by humans during their reach into the stars. However, after natural disasters and economic failure, the planet is pulled back to an early-mid 20th century sort of technology level and fractured into smaller nations. I concentrated on a continent, the Vikula Continent, particularly on the Brovdo Plain where bands of adventurers and nomads seek out lost settlements, mining towns and farm land, and fighting off rivals at the same time.

Just (another) idea for the moment, i thought if i can be bothered to start a new blog about it then i would continue it, if not note it down and leave it for later.

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