lundi 30 septembre 2013

New 15's

New toys!
Well, i got my student money through the other day, and after living through September spending little i (literally) went to town this weekend and decided to treat myself. Other than the essentials, i also got these...

Well, not some butter, it's what's inside that counts.
So to go with my Bolt Action purchase (that came today, need to go back to my parents this weekend to fetch it and some other things) i bought a couple of platoons of Flames of War Soviets to be turned into soldiers for my Normedra setting.

In the butter container were some more Soviets that my sister brought over for me (she visited this weekend) so i have around 100 figures to muck around with!
So what am i going to do with these? Well i'm planning to create 2 or 3 bands of adventurers, mercenaries and militia men that will inhabit Normedra searching for money and fights. More fluff and background stuff in the next post, it'll all make sense soon.

Vehicles are an important part to the bands in Normedra, mainly for transport, so Sunday i went to a vide-grenier (car boot sale) and found these:

For 1 euro, i got three cars that would be worth 5 each from a wargames manufacturer. Although the pickup and car are a bit big, the APC is perfect.

I will add some spare parts i have hanging around (another reason to go back this weekend), mainly adding a cupola and .50cal machine gun i have left over from building Shermans. It then needs a good paint.

A bit big, some surgery might be needed...

Next post, the fluff!

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