dimanche 17 mars 2013

The New Ordannance

Back at home with my figures now! I'llbe back at lycée Monday so life will return to its normal rythem.
While thinking, i decided i didn't want small, bitty retinues, so i decided to expand my French one. So far i have the figures below:

I plan to turn the crossbowmen and cavalry into Lances and make the infantry into a dizenier, ten men plus the leader. So, i need one archer (to go with the bow armed man), three lesser men at arms (one with a banner) and two gendarmes.
The leader of the French will therefor be a chef de chambre.

I did a few builds since i came back, the two men at arms are slightly converted.
The left hand one has a sort of Iberian helmet, with a wide brimmed helmet and bevor. I thought he might be the Spanish of the band.
The right hand man is in Gothic plate and i cut and turned the arm and hand to make a sort of crouched lance pose.
The lesser man at arms and the foot man are pretty much simple builds, except the arms on the foot man are a mix of padded sleeves and plated lower arms from the mounted men at arms set.

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice looking builds, should be good as a finished retinue.

  2. Very good plans. Hope it all goes well for you. Check out my blog some time :)

    By the way, what is it on your building roofs?


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