dimanche 10 mars 2013

Tetlys tea and custard creams

Hello all.
A while no blogging, and even longer that I've not been around my little men. I'm still in England, enjoying tea, sliced bread, fish and chips and biscuits. I also went to a gameswork shop yesterday and was horrified to see the new lord of the rings rule book was £50! No thank you, I'm sticking with the old school first edition I got for £2!
Anyway, I've been sans figures but not without my ideas and musings, mostly on Runissia and possible armies for the setting. I might be getting some figures soon-ish, even thought I have loads of perry plastics still. Ah well, that's what it's like to be a wargamer!

As you might know, I'm planning on doing my Runissia in 15mm for a change of scale and also so I can make full scale castles, forts and towns. This is really hard in 28mm for space reasons so I really want to go smaller to go bigger.
So, I've been drawing building plans, taking inspiration from many sources. I bought a book on British castles the other day for 2.99 (instead of 14.99!) and saw Eilean Donan Castle (above, image from Wikipedia). This is the sort of look I want for Runissian castles. Kaliad places might be similar, but more round and smaller.
I could also do this in 6mm, meaning even more space, so it is a possibility and means I could have even more castles for less space. And it's cheaper and easier to hide...

Right, time to go raid some blogs for links!

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