dimanche 8 juillet 2012

What i've been painting

Three pikemen in white, a billman for the French, a man at arms in red hose (usable for anyone really) and a mercenary wielding two weapons, ready to lead a continent of Burgandian pikes (when they arrive).
I chose the white for the pikemen as it's a colour i have hardly used and when i have used it it looked terrible, so i found a tutorial and finaly made it look good. These are Kaliads and will also serve as Scottish for 15th century games.
The bottom left man is a body swap, not sure i like it fully but i'm not going to cut it up anymore; just got to see if it looks alright will some paint. He is carrying a two handed war hammer, made from a pole-axe with a hammer head from the mounted knights set.

Also i would like to say thanks to everyone who reads this humble blog. I've had just over 500 views, rather encouraging and nice to know people actually read this ;) I fully apreciate all your comments and it's great to contact other gamers from my corner of France.

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