mardi 10 juillet 2012

Flight from Wakefield

Played a Wars of the Roses battle with my sister using the LOTR rules (yes, my sister). This was her first game with historicals but she knew the LOTR rules.
The scenario was based on one from the old rulebook. It is after the battle of Wakefield, the Yorkists have been destroyed, and one lord plans to flee into exile to Ireland or France. With only a few loyal retainers remaining, they flee as fast as they can, pursued by the victorious Lancastrians. They take refuge on a hill and wait for their pursuers; they will either escape or or die in the attempt.
I played the Yorkists, my sister the Lancastrians.
Lancastrian archer killed their Yorkist opponants, and the lord makes a run for the nearby village. He is outnumbered and surrounded, only fleet of foot can win the day.
Run fer it! Lancastrians formed up in the distance
Some men stay on the hill as a rear guard. They will sell their lives to save their lord.

Don't let them get away!
I loose priority and the men at arms catch the Yorkists. I lanage to hold off but i loose priority again next turn...

Both sides are now fully engaged!

Hold them back, we must buy him some time! The Yorkist lord not being a good example here!
On the hill cavalry charge but the rear guard manage to hold them up.

The fight goes against the Yorkists and i decide that discression is the better part of valour.
More bravery from the Yorkist lord!

Alas, i loose priority again and i'm swamped. Although the Yorkist lord manages to kill the Lancastrian champion and lord (one round, two wounds!) his men are slowly cut down around him.

Help arrives but it is too late...
We're here m'lord!
Surrounded by 10 enemies and alone, the Yorkist yields. 
I'll get away next time...
Good game, looked nice and glad i could use them with others.
I'll be on holiday from friday for a week and a half, so no blogging (and my figures will arrive that day! Something to look forward to...)

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