lundi 28 octobre 2013

Hello hello hello!

After a few weeks of hard labour, i have a week's holiday to rest and recuperate! That means (once homework is done) gaming!!! I'm back a my parents for the week so i might even be able to take some pictures...
Anyway, what have i been up to in the wargaming world? Mostly painting and modelling for my Normedra world. I'm rather enjoying working with 15mm figures, they're easy to convert and quick to do and look really cool too. Should i start a new project in the future, i'd probably do it in this scale (not that i'm starting one soon!).
I haven't painted or modeled much in 28mm lately, painting them seems to take a lot longer than 15mm figures. Looking through my pictures on my computer and War of the Roses figures here at my parents i think i shall get back to them soon. I have a box of fireforge cavalry that i waited for an age to arrive and still haven't broke into them yet! So soon i'll be getting some Kaliads and Kindarrians on the painting table soon.

Until then, i found these pictures on my computer that i never blogged. They're of a Dux Bellorum battle with my WotR figs i played months ago. I won't comment much but just so you have some pictures to look at :-P

Team 1. They were slightly smaller as no battle is even!

Team 2, the attackers

Fire away!

Long range archery duel begins

Taking losses

Some cavalry nipping the flanks

Getting stuck in!

I was actually considering new Dux Bel lists for this period the other day after this interesting discussion that i might stick up here some time.

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  1. Nilcely done, some beautiful minis...The "long range archery duel" is nice!

  2. Looks like a fun game Max! Were you using the rules in the book or did you do any changes to them?

    1. Just some different units and weapons, other than that i didn't change anything


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