samedi 11 février 2012

An introduction to Runissia

As I said at the beginning of the year, I had a fantasy game in the works. Just thought I'd show you the map; not the best quality, it's a mosaic of sheets from various notebooks and scraps I have around. To the north lies the city states of Runissia, once a powerful kingdom but now disintegrated into bickering factions. To the east are the Border Lands, a wild land. Far to the south east is the Ardabarn Empire that continues to push north and west. This brings them into conflict with the Dalundrum, horse nomads now settled in cities along the western frontier of the Ardabarn Empire.
To the south of Runissia are the colonies of the Golden Runissians, cities founded generations ago and now great trading points between the north and south. To the south of these gleaming places are the ferocious Makkad tribes, and to the west are the Fraals who live on the western coast and in the scattered isles.

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