mercredi 22 juillet 2015

State of affairs - where am i now?

This is funny. For saying i once came onto this site every day to check out other peoples blogs and spend at least an hour reading them and occasionally commenting, i nearly forgot i even made this blog!

I'm posting this because i came to Blogger again after a long time with the idea to start a new blog. Over time my tastes have changed and while i still like figures and appreciate looking at other peoples' work, i haven't done any modelling or painting since i last posted here back in November, and even then it was not much. Since then I've been drawing, reading and writing, still creating worlds like Normedra and Runissia but now just doing the story telling part.

I was surprised when i saw the stats for this blog: 38 181 all time views! Now i don't know if these are 'real' views or not, as it seems HUGE for saying i've put nothing on here, but if they are then since lasting posting the views have tripled. I was impressed to say the least.

So i guess this post is just a mise-au-point to anyone who follows me or stumbles across this blog in the future to tell you what I've been up to. As i said earlier, I draw a ton now, much better than the sketches you can find in some of these posts that's for sure! I've also created a fallout-like setting for a story that i even thought of making figures for, but it would take a lot of work so i've stuck to my drawings. I'm still at Bordeaux too, still in a tiny room with the cupboard packed with half used boxes of figures!

It's funny too how, when i was a bit younger, i thought i would be a wargamer for ever but in the end i'm like my dad; once a full on wargamer, now just a chap with tons of painted figures stored away! Maybe one day i'll break them open and play again, perhaps if i find a good club or meet some people who don't just play video games.

Maybe i will post something again in the future, but regardless; play on chaps!